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Hey #warmongers and welcome back to my blog on my journey back into 40kNow if you have been reading my posts and notice the title of this blog, you will realise that I have begun to collect Imperial Guard.

Rumours and ‘sightings’ have began to circulate about new Imperial Guard models being released or Astra Militarum as they are possibly going to be called. Here is a pic of the possible new codex front cover

New Imperial Guard ?

New Imperial Guard ?

There has also been some leaks regarding new stormtrooper command squads called Militarum Tempestus / Scions. I think these look pretty sweet especially with the berets. These are rumoured to be a separate division to the new codex and will apparently get their own codex which will be online only

Militarum Tempestus

Militarum Tempestus

Other Pics have been leaked of new ogryns and their close quarter versions bullgryns

Im not really sold on the ogryns but I do like the bullgryn especially the one with the gas mask and look forward to hopefully new rules and points cost for these and see what they can do.


The only thing I don’t really like that I have seen is the new vehicle, the Taurox



there is just something about it that doesn’t look quite right. I think its the tracks

As with every new release i’m sure that the majority of you #warmongers will visit  www.elementgames.co.uk (@elementgames) to get 20% on pre-orders and up to 20% on other warhammer 40k or fantasy models. If you havn’t visited elementgames.co.uk then why not?

This brings me round to another online store that provides hobby items. My younger brother, who if you read my first post, you will know got me back into 40k after reading his horus heresy books, has decided to re-embrace the hobby himself. After much thought he has decided to collect Dark Eldar.

Now this is good for me because it will give me some one to practise against when Im not at the #WS10gaming nights and will also hopefully enable me to get to learn the rules quicker, speaking to a few guys over twitter the downside that they have about the hobby is that they don’t have anyone to play against regularly.

I must say I struck it rich with the #WS10gaming crew

Anyway My brother decided to get his Dark Eldar army from totalwargamer, this was over 2 weeks ago and after dropping over £100 on models alone, is still waiting for it to be delivered!

I have since educated him on the benefits of elementgames and he assures me he will not make the same mistake again, plus that means extra crystals for me!

So all in all I have mixed feelings on the forthcoming weeks, on the plus side it means new imperial guard and new shinies but on the downside my wallet is going to take a hammering!

I will update you guys on my next two games from my meetings with the #WS10gaming guys soon but for now stay classy!

I would like to credit http://cadiascreed40k.blogspot.co.uk, http://natfka.blogspot.co.uk & http://www.beastsofwar.com for the above pictures.

May the Emperor Protect