Hey guys and welcome back to my blog on my continuing journey back into 40k.

Now first of all I want to apologise about the downtime since my last post and now. Unfortunately real life had to take precedence as I had to complete my university assignments and undertake an exam to do with my job.

I’m glad to say that all those are now done and so I can concentrate back on the hobby! Woohoo.

Now since my last post, Pete (@petehumpage) has asked if I and some other guys from #ws10gaming would like to take part in some inter-club gaming sessions at WHW, and pit our might against some experienced tournament players.

At this present time, and with 3 games under my belt (game 2 and 3 will be coming soon), I feel I am pretty inexperienced with the game and hence I have politely declined to take part, however I will be in attendance on the day to support the other guys, gain some knowledge from the games taking part and also play a revenge game vs lukan and his chaos demons!!

He too said he was a little inexperienced but still wanted to go so we will lock horns once again and I hope to pick up my first W! Before that though I have alot of stuff to paint!!

Now during my downtime there has been more information released about the new IG and hopefully we get to see them in the flesh extremely soon.

Also during my downtime, Throne of Skulls tournament was held at WHW with a few of the #Ws10gaming group taking part. Nigel (@nigelsbartlett) and Nick (@slanneshfiend) joined alot of other warmongers over the 2 days in Nottingham and from reports, had a great time.

I believe this was one of the first tournaments that allowed the new imperial knights in as well as other ‘lords of war’ and again from reports, I believe there was differing degrees of success with them. @lemonpainting took 4 of them and ended the 2 days on 5 wins from 5, Won the knights best army and got into the best painted category so big congrats to him! Nigel also ended on 5 out of 5 with his eldar corsairs. He came joint first in the eldar army category but didn’t win because he did not name his units! However again massive congrats to him for his achievements. I believe the army that won overall was tyranids!

Anyhow I hope to bring you my game 2 and 3 versus mark and his chaos force and Nathan and his crimson fists very soon now that I’m back hobbying so until then….

May the emperor protect.