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Hey Guys and welcome back to my blog!

Now as you can imagine being an Imperial Guard player, it is an extremely exciting time for me at the moment.

I, like other guard players, are excited to see all the new shinies being rumoured to being released, (even though my wallet is not!) and some of the things that i have seen leaked on Facebook, Naftka and belloflostsouls has got me counting down the days.

Within last weeks (no.9) White Dwarf we were treated with pictures of the scions and Taurox which i spoke about a few posts ago, however ‘leaked’ pictures of the forthcoming white dwarf show that we will be getting a remake of the hydra tank which can also be constructed as a Wyvern. I must say the detail within the cockpit of this model is outstanding and its a shame my painting skills cannot bring it to justice.

New Wyvern

New Wyvern

Cockpit Detail

Cockpit Detail

Other ‘releases’ that have drawn my attention are the Order cards, which if you read my post on my first game against Lukan, would of helped to reminder me to utilise orders! Whilst a rumour of a Tank Commander HQ with personal orders is also interesting me, Potentially opening up the possibility of an armoured force being taken into a game.

New Orders

New Orders

Now i can hear some of you shouting, “Get on with it, we want to know how you got on with your 2nd game”, so for you guys I will now fill you in!

My second game was a 1500 points game against @79Sponge (Mark) and his force of Chaos Space Marines. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough models to play 1500 points so Pete kindly lent me his Valkyrie, manticore and Leman Russ battle tank and i had left a few models off the board against Lukan which i now brought on.

Marks list was as follows :

  • Nurgle Demon Prince with wings, black mace Lvl 3 psyker
  • 5x chaos marines in rhino with dirge casters
  • 5x chaos marines in rhino with dirge casters
  • 5x terminators and 5x plague marines within a landraider
  • 2x obliterator
  • 2x chaos spawn

Everything that could have, had a mark of Nurgle

My list was as follows

  • Company Command Squad with Astropath, Master of Ordinance and Officer of the fleet (CCS)
  • Platoon Command Squad with Platoon Standard (PCS)
  • 10man infantry squad
  • 5 man Stormtrooper squad
  • Heavy Weapons Squad (2x autocannon and lascannon)
  • Chimera transport
  • Leman Russ Exterminator
  • Leman Russ Battle Tank
  • Manticore
  • Vendetta


Now, unfortunately i forgot to take pictures of the game. I know, I know, you guys like to see pics so ive decided to ‘borrow’ a pic of marks daemon prince and landraider from his twitter as they are epic! I also want to apologise as I also forgot to take notes and i am now attempting to remember what happened 3/4 weeks ago when with a 31 year old brain I can hardly remember what I had for tea last night! Obviously the mrs’ cooking is that good!

converted deamon prince with wings

converted deamon prince with wings

Deamon weapon

Deamon weapon

converted landraider

converted landraider


Now before the game, Mark who had been watching my game with Lukan advised me on certain things I could do to put my forces in cover and how to deploy better, seeing as i left the majority of things out in the open against Lukan, therefore i ended up deploying my heavy weapons squad on different levels of a 3 story ruin and put my platoon command squad and infantry on the ground floor of the same ruin. I positioned both leman russes behind a fence line and the company command squad within the chimera.

I kept in reserve the Vendetta and storm troopers hoping that they would come on later and positively affect the game for me.

Mark had deployed his daemon prince with wings and put him in flight mode. His 2x rhinos and landraider were deployed on his right flank facing the ruin with all my infantry in and his obliterators and spawn were hiding in a ruin on his left flank.

Mark won the roll for first turn and began by charging his landraider and both rhinos towards the ruin that my infantry and heavy weapons squad was in, by doing this though all 3 vehicles had to pass over some difficult terrain which had been placed smack bang in the middle of the board. Now Mark mentioned that he could of gone round the terrain but couldn’t be bothered and so just put the pedal to the metal and blasted forward.

Unfortunately for Mark all 3 vehicles got stuck on the terrain, including one of the rhinos becoming immobilised after failing its difficult terrain test. This meant that all 3 vehicles were in the open and more importantly in my line of sight for my turn which was coming up!

After moving the vehicles, Mark swooped around and above my deployment zone with his daemon prince but didn’t do anything to my forces which were huddled below.

My first turn and I decided to leave the majority of my force where it was and get to the shooting phase as quick as possible!

My first shooting phase and I opened up with the manticore and managed to get a direct hit on the land raider  which resulted in it being immobilised on the terrain! Good start! (although this was the only thing the manticore did all game, Damn u scatter dice!) As a result Marks terminators and plague marines, all jumped out and had to foot slog to my deployment area.

My Leman russes fired at the other rhino that wasn’t immobilised and scored a hit on that destroying it in the process! Things were looking good.

Unfortunately all marks other forces were too far away for me to get any other shots in, so I ended my turn.

Marks second turn began by him moving his terminators and plague marines forward towards my ruin, trying to get into combat as quick as possible. His obliterators and spawn remained in their ruin in his deployment zone and with that Mark ended his movement phase.

Marks shooting phase didn’t start very well for him with him failing one of his powers on his daemon prince and getting grounded! Luckily for me he managed to miss anything in my deployment zone and also he lost a wound by crashing to the floor.

Mark opted to forgo a shooting phase with his terminators and plague marines by charging them closer to the ruin. Now Mark may not like me for letting out this secret, but what I didn’t realise was the dirge casters equipped with the terminators and plague marines meant that I could not use overwatch, meaning that his terminators and marines had now reached their target and where now within striking distance of my infantry! Sneaky!

On my second turn and with the help of my officer of the fleet, I now decided to bring on the Vendetta equipped with my storm troopers detachment. This gave me air superiority, due to no more flying daemon prince. I elected to move 18” along my deployment zone from the board edge allowing me to target his daemon prince with my 3x twin linked lascannons.

I also pivoted my heavy weapons squad around to target the daemon prince, as I wanted to try and get rid of him ASAP as I knew he was going to cause havoc within my infantry lines should he start flailing around his daemon weapon.

I moved my russes forward hoping to pincer the terminators and marines against the ruins walls and get them in a crossfire between my infantry and heavy support.

My second round of shooting initially started well as I managed to take a 2 more wounds from the daemon prince leaving him on 1 wound and easy pickings, or so I thought!

I managed to remember one of my orders and shouted out for he heavy weapons squad to ‘Bring it Down’. This meant that I had my heavy weapons squad (2x autocannon and 1 lascannon, twinlinked with order) my Valkyrie (3x twin-linked lascannons) my chimera (multi laser, heavy bolter and heavy stubber) and my infantry platoon combining roughly 15 men, all fire upon the daemon prince and his solitary wound. Now take a guess about what happened next?

Yes, well done that person at the back of the room, that successfully shouted out, that all that firepower did absolutely nothing! The dice gods had obviously chosen Mark that day, as my dice rolls were abysmal and those shots that managed to get through were successfully saved by Mark.

I also couldn’t do anything with my russes as by moving them forward, in what I thought would cement my crowning glory, I inadvertently lost line of sight to the daemon prince and only could make snap shots from the tanks!

Now it was Marks turn again and spurred on by his HQ laughing demonically (or was that Mark?) at the sight of all that ammunition failing to make a dent in the daemon prince, his terminators and plague marines, did what they do best and got up close and personal with my infantry and heavy weapons squad.

Needless to say after the assault and subsequent failed leadership test, Marks terminators and plague marines had free reign straight to my Chimera with my command squad in. The daemon prince had other ideas though and with a swing of his daemon weapon destroyed my chimera and all its occupants!

Now by moving my russes around the front of the ruin, I put them in light of sight of the immobilised rhino and landraider which subsequently destroyed the leman russ battle tank. Things had just taken a nose dive and it looked like I had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Mark ended his turn and allowed me to try and save the dire situation I had now found myself in.

Now remember I still had the Vendetta with its accompaniment of storm troopers! I put the Vendetta into hover mode and dropped off the storm troopers allowing them to assault the demon prince. I also moved my remaining russ around the ruin so as to fire upon the terminators from behind.

In my third shooting phase I assaulted the demon prince with my storm troopers and Vendetta and fired upon the terminators with my russ and yet again did absolutely nothing, yet again the daemon prince successfully saved all his saves ( I think he saved at least 10 or 11 saves on the night) and due to only having snap shots and terminator armour of 2+ save, the russ didn’t do anything either.

The final action of the game saw Mark move his terminators into my storm troopers, wiping them out during their assault phase, which saw us agree to end the game due to the time and also the minimal amount of units I had left!

All in all I had a great game against a great opponent who took time to help me out and give me advice in what I should do in certain situations, even if it meant that he would lose some units in the process.

The MVP of the game was definitely Marks daemon prince which just would not die! Even towards the end of the game, the other lads who had finished their games and were packing up, couldn’t believe that everything that I fired upon the prince was either saved or missed! Indeed the closest the daemon prince came to dying was when Mark nearly dropped him on the floor when packing him away!.

With the end of my game 2 also came the end of my first visit to meet the #ws10gaming guys at Petes house. I had a great time and learned a lot during each of my games. And even though I came away with the record of 0W, 0D, 2L I was looking forward to my next visit and next game against Nathan and his Crimson Fists, but that will come in another post!

So for now, all I’m left to say is

May The Emperor Protect!