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On Saturday 21st, I had an unscheduled game against Pete again. This was due to the fact that we both had no children to look after (thanks to the grandparents by the way!)

Due to the unscheduled game, we both agreed to bring the lists from our original game and see what we could do differently and personally for me, hope to change the outcome.
For this game we managed to get the relic and hammer and anvil deployment. Pete set up first and deployed his landraider front and centre near the relic with his knight titan on his right flank, his thunderfire was hidden in some ruins, taking past events into account where I blew it up early doors last game. (if you want to know what our lists were just refer to the previous post ‘welcome to 7th’) Again he reinforced some ruins with the thunderfires ability, on his left flank and put his devastator centurions in them. His assault centurions hid within his landraider along with tiggy. 1 change that Pete did for this game was to utilise a rhino and some tact marines.

Again I seemed to get the side that had hardly any terrain! ( I must invest in an aegis defence line or something similar) Due to the fact that Pete had deployed his landraider and imperial knight so far forward I was unable to really get any los blocking for any of my tanks or infantry. Therefore as a result I ended up sticking my manticore on my left flank, along with a unit of sniper scouts within the ruins. On my right flank I placed both my punisher tanks flanked by the ravenwing command squad. In the ruins on the right I placed the second unit of scouts and then ended up placing the blob squad with coteaz and the chimera in the middle of the field but toward the back of my deployment area.

Just before we kicked off pete mentioned that he tabled another of our group, nigel on turn 3 of his previous match with the same list, (no pressure then!)

Being the relic and with Pete having first turn he immediately moved the landraider forward and bailed out his squad from it. This allowed tiggy to jump out of the landraider and then pick up the relic.
Pete then proceeded to place his droppod into my deployment, so that if the pod didn’t scatter, its occupants would be able to assault both tanks. Yes you have guessed it, Pete rolled a direct hit on the scatter dice and out swarmed his squad of 10 sternguard armed with meltas.

caption id=”attachment_252″ align=”alignnone” width=”300″]Damn Droppods Damn Droppods[/caption]

Even though I had positioned the tanks like an idiot, somehow I had managed to position coteaz within 12” of them! That meant that Petes sternguard squad would be attacked with the blob utilising Coteaz’ ability of ‘im expecting you’
The out of sequence attack by the blob managed to kill 1 of the sternguard with Pete managing to explode the lead punisher (with pask) sky high.
Petes centurions then let rip and proceeded to take 2 wounds off coteaz and kill 5 of the blob squad whilst the tact marines got lucky and killed 2 ravenwing bikers. All of this happened whilst his knight destroyed my heavy weapons teams on my left flank.

So even before I moved a model I had lost my HQ, one of my most hard hitting units and half of the most mobile unit. Not a great start!

In my first turn I reversed the second punisher backwards to the edge of the board so that they could fire upon the sternguard, Coteaz managed to cast invisibility onto the remains of the blob squad however upon doing so I managed to roll 3 6’s! so checking the perils table I wanted to avoid a 2 which would take his last wound and kill Coteaz and guess what? Yep I rolled a 2! So Coteaz was removed from the battle.

My main objective was to get rid of the sternguard in my deployment zone as I knew that next turn they would literally destroy everything, so I fired the punisher cannon, 2 scout sniper squads, the remaining infantry and finally the multi laser and heavy stubber from the chimera at the 9 sternguard and managed to kill……… 5 of them, somehow 4 of them saved and looked to assault next round. I fired my manticore last, at the landraider and managed to get a hit causing the landraider to snapshot next turn and removing a hp.

In turn 2 Petes sternguard assaulted the punisher but somehow the punisher managed to survive, However 1 of the scout squads were not as lucky as the centurion devastators managed to wipe them from the board by firing their lascannons into them. Petes landspeeder with multimelta then came on and flew onto the board behind the manticore where Pete managed to incapacitate it for a round by making it snapshoot. The rest of Petes forces luckily for me missed their targets and I managed to get a 2nd turn in where before, I feared the worst.

punishing the punisher

punishing the punisher

My second turn involved my punisher then moving so that it could attack the sternguard and the combination of the 20 punisher shots, infantry lasgun shots and chimera shots managed to kill the sternguard this time. My 1 remaining ravenwing biker and librarian moved behind some ruins where they looked to attack the landraider next turn. I then rolled for my reserves but this time my vendetta and Valkyrie remained off the table!!

Turn 3 and Pete started by melting my manticore with his landspeeder. His knight fired down upon the remaining guardsman killing 5 of them whilst his rhino moved up his right flank looking to sweep around the back of my forces and his Centurions managed to kill the last ravenwing biker leaving the librarian all alone.

In this turn I felt it was all about survival unless I could get both flyers on. I first rolled for the vendetta which came on but I failed the roll for the Valkyrie so, the valk and contingent of vets remained off the table. I manoeuvred the vendetta and went straight for the landraider as it still remained my number 1 priority. The vendettas 3 twinlinked lascannons fired upon the landraider and didn’t even make a scratch!!! This was not good. My Librarian drove towards the landraider whilst the remaining guardsman and punisher moved forward, the remaining scout sniper squad shot at the centurions but the centurions shrugged off the shots.

the immovable force

the immovable force

Turn 4 . Whoop I made it too turn 4!!!! And that’s where the celebrations end!. Petes knight turned and fired into the ruins where the remaining scouts were, killing 3 of them whilst the landspeeder moved towards the remaining guardsmen. The devastators fired upon the punisher and blew it sky high whilst the landraider attempted to fire upon the vendetta but missed.

In the final deaththrows of the game I again fired upon the landraider with the vendetta. And again did nothing!! Seriously I could not catch a break!
The only good thing that happened in turn 4 was that the Valkyrie was now on so it made a beeline for the landraider and dropped off the troops, 2 melta guns and 1 plasma gun proceeded to shoot at the landraider and managed to take another hp off the vehicle and that was my turn done.

Final turn saw all of Petes models congregate around the remnants of my forces in the middle of the table and landraider. The devastators fired upon the remaining guardsman wiping them out whilst the knight, landspeeder and tactical marines swarmed around the vets. It’s safe to say that they didn’t last long and that where I called it.

circle of destruction

circle of destruction

run away!

run away!

Pete had lost his 10man sternguard squad whilst I had left a primaris psyker, the vendetta and Valkyrie and 2 scouts. So as Mortal Kombat used to say FLAWLESS VICTORY!
After the game we discussed certain things that I could off done such as deploying right up on the 24” line with the blob and punishers. It was the first time I had played the relic and Pete said that if I had managed to get the relic in the blob then it would have been nigh on impossible for him to get it back. As always I learnt a lot of things, and even though I seem to go defensive every game I just need to be more confident and go for the throat!.

One small victory for me was the fact that I lasted until turn 5 against Petes tournament list!

And my next game of 7th was not that far away, but for now friends

May the Emperor Protect.